Silent Nights: Pianista

Silent Nights: Pianista
A fire breaks out during a concert, and now your daughters are both missing. Hurry to track them down – their music may hold the key to life and death!Your children's music holds the key to life and death.You rose from the ashes of a family tragedy to become a famous French soprano. Now your daughters are following in your musical footsteps, and you couldn't be more proud. But on the night of a prestigious concert in Italy, a fire breaks out, and a mysterious masked man leads your children away! Follow a trail of secrets and deception to find the masked man and save your daughters before they fall victim to a dangerous experiment. You'll need all your talent to decipher clues and solve complex puzzles in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
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Silent Nights: Pianista Silent Nights: Pianista Silent Nights: Pianista

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